What is a Dental crown?

Dental crowns, or sometimes known as caps, are one of the most common dental services done today. They serve to protect your tooth from breaking or getting decay. Dental crowns cover teeth after damage, or cosmetic issues. They are usually made of porcelain or gold and shaped to look and fit your tooth so that none of your tooth is exposed.

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Why would I need a crown?

Common reasons you might need a crown include:

- Trauma

- A root canal treatment

- A deep cavity that leads to a weakening of your tooth

- When a large filling leaves two little tooth material

- The need for a dental bridge which requires capping of the two teeth either side of the missing tooth

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Dental Crowns Joondalup

What is the dental crown procedure?

A dental crown is usually completed over two appointments

During your first appointment, we will gently shave your tooth so that the crown can fit properly.

Finally, we will take an impression of your reshaped tooth.

You will get a temporary crown on that day which will last you 2 weeks until your second appointment.

The second appointment will involve us placing your permanent crown made from either gold or porcelain.

Getting a crown isn’t a very painful process either at the dentist or once you get home, so there is usually little downtime.

What are the different types of dental crowns and do I have the option to choose?

Dental treatment is a highly individual process. The decision for what material gets use on your tooth will always be discussed prior to us even doing the dental crown preparation.

There are primarily three different types of dental crowns which include:

All-ceramic crowns-these are quite often used for front teeth when they are often seen when you smile or talk. Most people get these crowns on back teeth as well now due to modern advancements.

Gold crowns we usually use these cases in very specific teeth like your upper back molars; however, should you have a preference for gold we can put them on your teeth near the front as well.

They are an excellent option as they have the benefit of being strong and require less tooth preparation i.e. less damage on your tooth.

Hybrid crowns– these hybrid crowns or porcelain fused to metal crowns are used on back teeth where we want to have the advantages of gold crowns and the aesthetics of white or ceramic crowns.

Dental Crown FAQs

How do I care for my permanent crown?

Unlike temporary crowns, your permanent crowns do not require any special treatment. We do recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day and floss once daily in addition to six monthly hygiene maintenance programs
Dental crowns have the ability to last over 15 years. There are many factors that may affect premature failure of a dental crown such as traumatizing your tooth, grinding your teeth, improper hygiene, and crunching on ice just to name a few
If you enjoy doing teeth whitening at home or even considering in chair whitening please remember that dental crowns are not going to change colour after whitening. If you want a whiter crown, your only solution is to come and see us and get a new crown. Luckily this process is relatively simple and carries low risk in most circumstances.

Disappointingly there is been a trend for dental clinics in Perth referring dental crowns to Asia and cheaper laboratories. At Dental at Joondalup, we are committed to fabricating dental crowns only made in Australia using the highest quality materials.

We have a great relationship with our lab for over 10 years and we think we do an amazing job and pride ourselves on having some of the best crowns in Perth.

This is quite noticeable when new team members join our practice and see the difference.

A dental crown starts from as little as $1,399 and the cost will vary based on your complexity of treatment. This fee does not include health insurance rebates and you may be eligible for interest-free payment plans should that be of need.

We are also proud to have teamed up with MySuperCare to assist with early release of superannuation.

The entire process will be completed with a highly trained expert, and estimates will include temporary crowns, tooth modifications, shade taking, and fabrication with an Australian lab.

You will be able to discuss sedation options to make the process pain-free.

Our approach to Dental Crowns



Come and see us from a consultation to see if your teeth are suitable for a dental crown.


The teeth in question are prepared and impressions or scans are taken to facilitate a custom-made dental crown.. A temporary crown is fabricated at no extra fee!


The temporary crown is removed and a permanent dental crown is inserted one- two weeks later


ensure the site is healing and maintain regular hygiene appointments to ensure health.

Be confident again.

Call Dental at Joondalup. Life is short – Smile at the obstacle for it is a bridge.

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