Laser Surgery

Our laser at Dental at Joondalup allows us to complete surgery without bleeding or even stitches in some cases. What this means for you, is that you heal quicker and with less pain! 

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Laser Dental Surgery
Dental at Joondalup for Laser Surgery
Laser Surgery

What is a laser and is it dangerous?

Our laser at Dental at Joondalup, has become the “soft tissue handpiece”.

In the same way we use our handpieces to prepare your teeth, a laser is able to prepare your gums to give you ideal results!

Our laser is unique in that it can work around metals, there is a reduced need for anaesthetic, the ability to reduce bacteria, and to complete surgery without even bleeding or even stitches in some cases.

What this means for you, is that you heal quicker and with less pain!

Lasers are not dangerous as long as they are done with someone who has expertise and training with lasers.

Which procedures benefit from lasers?

Removal of haemangiomas – purple spots that can be visibly upsetting for some people

Excisional and incisional biopsies – these are performed on any funny lumps and bumps that may occur in your mouth. Usually, these are due to trauma or irritation in your mouth.

Exposure of unerupted teeth – especially prior to orthodontic treatment, it may be necessary to expose unerupted teeth so that the orthodontist is able to complete their treatment.

Frenectomy and frenotomy – Many people have lips and tongues that are held too tight by the ligament. They are known as tongue-tie, or lip-tie.

This can cause:

  • gum recession in between the teeth
  • impede speech
  • sometimes it keeps teeth separated during orthodontic treatment,
  • many babies can find it difficult to suckle if they have a tied tongue.

The conventional surgery to release frenum’s can be traumatic and slow to heal.

With lasers there is no bleeding afterwards, no stitches and hardly any discomfort.

Implant recovery – after you have had a dental implant placed, sometimes you will need to recover the implant to allow you to have the final tooth placed. This requires surgery, but we are able to precisely and comfortable uncover your implant with no stitches or bleeding.

Incision and drainage of abscess

Operculectomy  – the removal of the tissue around partially erupted teeth like wisdom teeth. This reduces the risk of reinfection, or allows you more time to take your wisdom teeth out.

Reduction of gingival hypertrophy – at times, people’s gums show excessively, or they can look enlarged due to medications, or conventional braces. Lasers are able to effectively remove the excess tissue with minimal pain, and quick recovery.

Laser Periodontal Procedures

When gum disease is not able to be managed conservatively, laser treatments can be a great way of reducing pocket depths without the need for complete surgery.

Teeth Whitening Indications

Laser assisted whitening of teeth is effective for giving quick results to those people who wish to do in chair whitening.

A fuller smile can change your life.

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