Teeth Scaling vs. Teeth Whitening

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As dental care professionals at Dental at Joondalup, we understand the importance of a healthy and beautiful smile. High-quality dental care is essential for maintaining long-lasting oral health, and we offer a variety of treatments and services tailored to your specific needs.

Among the multitude of dental procedures available, two popular treatments – teeth scaling and teeth whitening – can significantly improve the appearance of your smile.

Teeth Scaling

Teeth scaling is a preventative dental procedure used to clean your teeth below the gumline. Over time, our teeth accumulate plaque and tartar, which can cause gum disease, bad breath, cavities, and tooth loss if left unchecked. Regular dental cleaning focuses primarily on removing plaque above the gum line; however, teeth scaling takes it a step further by addressing the build-up beneath the gums that can lead to significant dental issues.

At Dental at Joondalup, our skilled dentists employ advanced ultrasonic instruments for teeth scaling. This non-invasive procedure effectively breaks down plaque and tartar deposits using ultrasonic vibrations and irrigation with water. Afterward, root planing may be performed to smooth out rough areas on your tooth’s root surfaces. The result is a cleaner oral environment that promotes gum healing and reduces any inflammation caused by bacterial build-up.

Teeth scaling is essential for all patients, especially those who exhibit signs of mild to moderate gum disease or have not prioritised regular dental cleanings. With proper guidance from our experienced team at Dental at Joondalup, you can maintain your oral health by incorporating regular teeth scaling visits into your dental care routine.

Teeth Whitening

While teeth scaling is essential for good oral health, many patients also desire a brighter, whiter smile. Teeth whitening is an aesthetic procedure that lightens the color of your teeth, removing stains and discoloration caused by various factors such as age, smoking, and consuming staining beverages like coffee and wine.

At Dental at Joondalup, we provide safe and effective teeth whitening treatments tailored to your specific needs. To achieve the best results, our dental professionals use whitening gels containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to gently break down stains on the tooth’s surface without damaging the enamel.

We proudly offer two types of teeth whitening: in-chair and at-home treatment options. In-chair teeth whitening involves a quick and efficient visit to Dental at Joondalup, where our professionals apply a protective barrier to your gums before the high-concentration whitening gel is activated with either heat or light. This process can dramatically brighten your smile in just one session.

For those who prefer the convenience of at-home teeth whitening, Dental at Joondalup offers customised take-home kits. The kits include custom-fitted trays and a lower concentration whitening gel to ensure a comfortable treatment experience without compromising on results.

Both teeth scaling and teeth whitening play an essential role in achieving optimal oral health and a dazzling smile. Preventative treatments like regular cleanings combined with teeth scaling help maintain gum health and reduce the risk of severe dental problems. In contrast, teeth whitening treatments boost your smile’s aesthetics by removing unattractive stains and discolouration.

At Dental at Joondalup, we strive to provide top-quality dental care in Perth’s northern suburbs by offering personalised treatment plans, state-of-the-art equipment, and a compassionate approach. We welcome you to embrace your best smile with our expert guidance – come visit Dental at Joondalup for a routine check-up and clean or teeth whitening.

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