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What is Invisalign?

The Invisalign system is a hygienic orthodontic treatment that corrects your bite and straightens your teeth through the use of custom, almost invisible plastic aligners, created for you using the latest 3D technology.

They are made of an invisible plastic that you wear throughout the day. Over time, you will notice your teeth moving to an ideal position.

It’s pretty rare for someone to notice that you’re wearing them which helps you to maintain your lifestyleandconfidence during treatment.

The Invisalign aligners look similar to teeth whitening trays or clear retainers. For more on Invisalign you can read our blog.

Invisalign Treatment at Dental at Joondalup
Invisalign at Dental at Joondalup

How Invisalign works?

Once it is decided that Invisalign is right for you, the team at Dental at Joondalup will complete a full dental assessment, take X-rays and develop impressions to be sent off for scanning.

This will allow us to develop a ClinCheck treatment Plan which uses 3D to design your custom Invisalign aligners.

The 3D software allows you to visualise what your likely final tooth position will be. If you’re happy with the result, we will  insert your Invisalign aligners within a week or two.

Over the course of the treatment, you will receive a new aligner every two weeks (or so) until the final position of your teeth is achieved.

Is Invisalign new technology?

Whilst Invisalign is a very sophisticated and modern technology, there have been over six million patients worldwide that have undergone this treatment. Invisalign is one of the fastest growing sectors in dentistry and offers a very predictable way to reposition your teeth.

What are the advantages of Invisalign treatment over traditional treatments?

Virtually invisible – Invisalign aligners are the clear alternative to traditional braces and allow you to keep your confidence, smile, and lifestyle during treatment.

Comfortable – The aligners are more comfortable than traditional braces which can occasionally irritate your gums or the inside of your mouth. Invisalign patients usually only feel a mild discomfort with aligners and most people refer to this sensation as a tight pressure.

Maintaining oral hygiene – Invisalign aligners are removable, so you are able to get your teeth cleaned professionally by the dentist and maintain your teeth by flossing and brushing as usual.

Diet – as Invisalign aligners are removable you are able to eat what you want when you want!

Less frequent visits to the dentist – Invisalign treatment can require less appointments than other types of braces.

Visualise your smile – Invisalign treatment allows you to visualise each step of the treatment process.

Invisalign FAQs

How long will the treatment take?

The average treatment time for an adult is between 9 and 18 months. The length of treatment will depend on your specific needs. This will be discussed after the inital consultation.

Invisalign recommends that each aligner is worn for between 20 to 22 hours a day to get the best results.

An Invisalign check-up is completed approximately every two months. During your check-ups we will be able to make sure the aligners are fitting well and make any necessary adjustments.

You will usually  see results after a few months of starting the treatment.

No, you can eat what you want in the treatment because the aligners are removed during eating or drinking. It is recommended that you floss and brush after each meal to maintain proper oral hygiene and allow your Invisalign aligners to seat properly.
Except for cool water, we recommend that you don’t drink while wearing the aligners. This is to avoid cavities and stains forming on your teeth or warping your aligners due to hot drinks.

Smoking is discouraged because they can cause your aligners to become discoloured.

Alcohol has the possibility of increasing the risk of tooth decay if you decide to leave your aligners in place.

You should avoid chewing gum during aligner use as this can affect the success of your treatment.

Similar to other orthodontic treatments you may have a temporary effect on your speech during initial aligner use. Occasionally this can lead to ulcers which can affect your speech and you should find any issues with speech should disappear within a couple of weeks.

Yes. All Invisalign aligners are made of non-toxic medical grade plastic and can be worn during pregnancy.

The fee for Invisalign varies from $2,000 to $8,000. To assist you with this cost, at Dental at Joondalup, we offer payment plans so that you can pay in instalments for up to 15 months.

These installments start from as little as $50 per week.

We also choose not to use any third-party aligner technology that can occasionally be marketed as Invisalign. If you see cheaper costs, make sure you ask whether they are using genuine products.

Our Approach



Come and see us for a consultation to see what options are available to correct your bite and straighten your teeth.

Radiographs, Photos, and Impressions

Make sure we can digitally plan your case.

View your 3D plan

Come in and see us for a consultation to see what your teeth will look like after your treatment.


The treatment can take as little as three months to complete in some cases. This is done with nearly invisible aligners in a comfortable, safe, and predictable way.


Get an estimate that includes the fee for your retainers. Once you are done, it is important to maintain that amazing smile.

Before and After an Invisalign Procedure

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