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OPG Imaging at Dental at Joondalup

As a premier dental practice in Joondalup, Western Australia, we are dedicated to offering top-tier care to our patients. One of the ways we exemplify this commitment is through our investment in cutting-edge technology like Orthopantomogram (OPG) imaging.

What is OPG Imaging?

OPG imaging is a form of dental radiography that enables us to capture a wide panoramic image of the upper and lower jaw. It provides us with an all-encompassing snapshot of your teeth, jawbone, and other essential structures in your mouth in a single image—a feat unachievable with conventional x-ray imaging.

Why is OPG Imaging an Excellent Imaging Technique?

At Dental at Joondalup, we believe in utilising the finest and most advanced tools on hand, and OPG imaging is an exceptional imaging technique that has transformed our practice in multiple ways:

Comprehensive view: OPG imaging offers a complete panoramic view of the oral cavity, including the teeth, upper and lower jaws, and temporomandibular joints (TMJs). This broad view enables us to detect issues that might be invisible with traditional x-rays.

Efficiency: OPG imaging is swift and straightforward. The entire procedure takes only a couple of minutes, and the images are instantly available for review, facilitating efficient and timely diagnosis.

Less radiation: Compared to conventional x-rays, OPG imaging subjects patients to less radiation, making it a safer alternative.

Advantages for Patients, Particularly Children

At Dental at Joondalup, we recognize the significance of creating a secure and comfortable environment for our patients, particularly children. OPG imaging has distinct benefits for our younger patients:

Less daunting: The OPG machine is less intimidating than traditional x-ray machines. The patient merely stands or sits in front of the machine without the need for any uncomfortable clamps or sensors in their mouth.

Safer: OPG imaging employs a lower dose of radiation compared to traditional x-rays, rendering it a safer option for children.

Early detection: OPG imaging aids us in identifying dental issues at an early stage, such as impacted teeth or potential orthodontic issues. Early detection can lead to simpler and less invasive treatments.

OPG imaging is a remarkable tool that has significantly boosted our capacity to provide the highest possible dental care for our patients. It’s quick, efficient, and safe, making dental visits more enjoyable for patients of all ages, particularly our youngest patients. At Dental at Joondalup, we take pride in offering this advanced technology as part of our commitment to outstanding dental care.

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